Many years ago, as a child Marie read a story about a young man who went to an island ruled by a Witchdoctor who became very jealous of him and his popularity. This incident, combined with a fascination of the Moriori people, and peoples who were in NZ even before them,who came from the Easter Islands, some say, to New Zealand is the basis of the trilogy.

Books 1 & 2 in the trilogy have been published. The final book, Book 3 – THEN THE RAINBOW SMILED, is currently a work in progress. It concludes the story of David, Jelsi and both island peoples- plus of course a surprise or two!

And The Islands Cried (Book II)

The continuing story of Farpa Tarla ( David Jovane) and the peoples of Goahar and Manlu.

In it David is caught up in a disaster of nature’s making, but a warning has them preparing for it, but tragedy still strikes.Then comes the black ship bringing greedy men who have seen a sample of their ‘treasure’; men the islanders have never meet before and have to find their own way of dealing with them.A small English boy also arrives with these men – a prisoner of the Captain.David and Jelsi sort out a big worrying problem  and the outcome will send them on a journey, not knowing what the future holds.

Hear The Sea Sing (Book I)

Book  1 of the trilogy, already published – HEAR THE SEA SING. David Jovane thought he knew what the future held for him when he set sail for a country far from his homeland, But, the Gods of the Mrandau people and his own God had a different path for him to travel. A gentle High Priest, Kique and Chief of the Goaharan people saved him, but K’uro the Witchdoctor of the Manlu, is a sadistic, cruel man who rules the Manlu people and their Chief, Faneo, by fear. K’uro filled with hate and greed to arise and the results were those neither could have foreseen.

“What lifts this novel above the ordinary of the genre is the author’s treatment of the divine… The novel is solidly written and cleverly plotted and will appeal to enthusiasts of intrigue and adventure.” – BLUE INK REVIEW, USA

Two of many emails from readers:

“I have just started reading your second book and it is just as intriguing as the first. I am really supposed to be doing other things, but with the chapters be short I can read another in between and it is so easy to remember where you are up to if the bookmark escapes, as it always seems to do.” Gwenda.

“I promised myself when I got home from work -9pm, I would just read the first chapter. 4-30 in the morning I finally went to bed- darn you Marie Higgs, I couldn’t put it down. When will book 3 be available?” Keri. 

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