Short Stories

The Journey

2nd Prize Overall – ‘The Battlers’

From almost 230 pieces of writing, 63 pieces were selected for publication in this anthology. Marie’s The Battlers and Simon’s Song were both selected for inclusion. The Journey, was launched on March 2-3rd at Pleasant Point, Timaru, by  Albury Pleasant Point Presbyterian Parish and dedicated to the people of Christchurch. The Battler’s won second prize in the poetry contest, the story (Simon’s Song) highly commended.   Members of the Cancer Society were present also, as the book is about those with,or had, or died with  cancer. The book is being sold to raise awareness and also funds for the Cancer Society.

The Battlers: “As an ex nurse I was always amazed at the tenacity of sick children, smile at them, they smile back; give them a goodnight hug and a God Bless and they settle, especially those whose families lived away and couldn’t visit them very often. Sometimes there were tears, but there were lots of laughter as well. Then I saw a TV programme about children in hospital  with cancer and thought what little battlers they are, at the same time remembering my nursing days and the poem just came. I like to think it is my tribute to all those kidlets that battle away, taking each day as it comes.”

Simon’s Song: “An incident at school, some years ago I might add, one boy pulled the seat out from under another just as he was about to sit down and he hurt the bottom of his spine. I heard that some years later he died of a tumour in that very spot and I never forgot that class incident; or  the warning, at the time, our beloved Miss Bilton gave us – a lecture on outcomes when one does something stupid. One day a few months ago  Ivan came to mind, and the story started to develop, so with a bit of ‘poetic licence’ as they say and bringing in Miss B into it, the story came to life.”

I Saw Love Today

I Saw Love Today consists of 58 pieces of writing from 40 submitters scattered around New Zealand. Marie is both pleased and proud to have had work selected for this publication.

These poems and short stories are from everyday people with something special to say. It is hoped it’s contents offer encouragement and inspiration to readers.

ISBN 978-0-473-19511-3



Ragwort & Thistles

From over 320 entries comes a selection of 52 short stories / poetry. Written by rural women highlighting their varied and interesting lives as ‘women of the land’.