Published Articles / Magazine Contributions / Newspaper

Marie is a prolific contributor of article and interest pieces for numerous magazines and publications. To mention but a few…

New Zealand: Wild Tomato, Grey Power (monthly magazine and online), Picton Seaport News (weekly paper), Skipper Magazine (monthly seaman’s magazine), Fresh Magazine, The Prow (online)

International: Freemantle Herald newspaper Australia; Whitby Gazette England.

She also wrote a column (500 words)  for the Wanganui Chronicle– now known as Wanganui Newspapers. for each Saturday edition for a number of years  till she moved to the South Island.

She collates, edits, prints and publishes a monthly newsletter/magazine called Wilderness Whispers, now in its 11th year, and researches and writes all content for the Edwin Fox Society Newsletter – 2 editions per year.