And The Islands Cried - Marie Higgs

And The Islands Cried (Book II)

Continuing the story of David Jovane, (Farpa Tarla), the Goaharan and Manlu peoples.

David and the Goaharan people are caught up in a disaster of nature’s making, but a warning has them preparing for it, but not escaping tragedy…

Hear The Sea Sing
(Book I)

Hear the Sea Sing’ follows one man’s transformative odyssey in a strange new land. The story introduces David Jovane, a European who embarks on a journey that will change his life forever. Leaving everything but hope behind, David sets sail for a country far from his homeland. He thought he knew what the future held but the gods of the descendants of Mrandau people had different plans for him.

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Novels & Short Stories

Marie has just had her second novel published in her island trilogy – “And The Islands Cried”. A sterling read that will you mesmerised both in it’s twists and turns as much as in her elegant style…Read More

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Marie has had her life poems published in various publications both at home in New Zealand and abroad. She won the Adult Section of the 2013 Auckland War Memorial ‘Lest We Forget’ ANZAC poetry competition for her poem ‘In Remembrance’…Read More

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Articles & Interest Pieces

Marie is a prolific contributor of article and interest pieces for numerous magazines and publications. She has been a contributor to the Grey Power magazine & website, and writes a monthly newsletter ‘Wilderness Whispers’…Read More